Healthy Lighting for Improved Cognitive Function, Increased Focus and Higher Test Scores

Everyone has heard, and has probably even said, that children should get outside more often. However, during the school day, students are inside for most of their classes, and this certainly can take a toll on their ability to focus, stay alert and be productive.

One of the reasons this occurs is that traditional lighting does not offer the same quality of light that a morning or midday sun does. Luckily, LEDs can achieve the spectrum of a midday sun, or any other time of day. LEDs, unlike conventional lighting, such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, have a unique ability to be tuned to task and spectrally manipulated to achieve positive results.

Biological LED lighting:

  • Supports student alertness and focus
  • Boosts energy and improves performance naturally
  • Increases student participation
  • Improves wellbeing of students and teaching/administrative staff
  • Helps improve student attention and work productivity
  • Helps support students’ natural sleep-wake cycle

Studies have shown that students exposed to blue-enriched light during the school day had faster cognitive processing speeds, better focus and concentration and actual achieve higher tests scores.

Lighting Science’s GoodDay® spectrum is blue-rich and can help stimulate both students and instructors throughout the day. It has the added benefit of being energy-efficient, saving the educational facility money on electricity bills, while energizing their students and instructors and creating a healthy learning environment for both.

Case Study: Bishop O'Connell

Bishop O’Connell High School, located in Arlington, Virginia, retrofitted their old fluorescent lighting with a more efficient LED solution that could also bring circadian-blue rich lighting into the classrooms for an improved environment in classrooms without windows. The study demonstrated enhanced mood, focus, productivity, and alertness for students exposed to the GoodDay® troffers.

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