Keeping people healthy and well is not only the right thing to do, but it has resounding benefits to productivity and ultimately, the bottom line. The spread of illness is a major health concern that is acutely felt across a variety of verticals and areas, including healthcare, schools, fitness and health clubs, and a plethora of public spaces.

The Cleanse® Troffer by Lighting Science was created to help combat the spread of some of the most common forms of infection. Employing a multi-stage filtration system combining activated carbon and HEPA filters along with UV (A+C) light, the Cleanse simply and effectively helps decrease contamination. The Cleanse provides a 99.9% kill rate among the four of most common airborne pathogens for most hospital-acquired infections, including MRSA and Strep.

The simple, easy-to-install design allows for Cleanse to be installed into an existing lighting fixture in as little as 15 minutes, keeping facility disruptions and operation/installation costs to a minimum. Designed for quick and easy maintenance, Cleanse provides simplified access to replace the filters and UV LEDS. UV LEDs have an 18-month life expectancy, compared to 6 months with mercury-style bulbs, and eliminates the risk and hassle of mercury exposure and disposal.

Cleanse was designed to provide you with a clean, ultra-efficient air circulation system to keep you and the areas you are in healthier, cleaner and safer.


Simple. Effective. Healthy.