Finding the light within.

At Lighting Science, we believe lighting should work with our bodies and the environment, not against them. That’s why our LED lights are engineered to do more than simply light up spaces. They can actually help you sleep. Or keep you focused. They can even protect endangered wildlife. And they do it all while saving energy, costing less, and looking great.

Rethinking the humble light bulb.

When we think about light, we don’t just think of a bulb or a hue. We consider the genetics and biology of light—from the way it helps animals communicate to the way we use it to set our body clocks. With this scientific knowledge, we’ve created biological lighting innovations for NASA astronauts, new parents, and almost everyone in between.



Lighting the way to a better world.

By inventing breakthrough LED lighting solutions that truly work in sync with nature, we believe that people and animals across the globe will be safer, stronger, and healthier. Sure, it’s a revolutionary way to look at light. But it’s also as natural and clear as the sun itself.

Our Light Goes Beyond Just Lighting

Our lighting scientists have earned nearly 400 patents for their innovations. Our biologically-corrected lighting was first designed for NASA to help astronauts sleep better.