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480 is an architectural linear spec lighting line thoughtfully designed using Lighting Science’s dynamic, engineered circadian spectra. These high-performance products are optimized for the well-being of human occupants and provide clean, comfortable illumination while complimenting the built environment. Our 480 LED line of fixtures offer a myriad of options to fit all your spec. lighting needs.

We recognize that light does more than simply light up spaces. Light is connected to the human experience and all we do. 480 products aim to bridge that gap and bring you state of the art LED solutions in sleek, architectural form factors with biologically-optimized light for all people working under them.

Designed using our patented spectra which closely mimics natural sun light, 480 includes the popular alertness and focus enhancing GoodDay® spectrum, and the blue-depleted sleep-enhancing spectrum of GoodNight®, creating beautiful spaces that are biologically-optimized for their human inhabitants. These spectra allow you to transition and schedule light for your spaces in accordance with the natural daylight.

Powered by innovative LED leader Lighting Science, 480 is committed to providing the most advanced, intelligent biological products in the market. Our team holds over 400 patents in the space and are researching new uses for LEDs focused on human-centric solutions.

Our 480 LED line offers a variety of styles and options to fit your specific needs, with custom options available. Our portfolio includes many popular styles, including:

  • Suspended
  • Wall Mount
  • Surface Mount
  • Direct/Indirect
  • Slot
  • Recessed
  • Pendant

When sleek, architectural form and function are specified, our 480 line has the products and support to successfully complete your projects.

Contact our sales team today discuss how 480 can bring your project to life.