VividGro® GroBar™ LED Luminaire

Lighting Science


Powerful, light-weight and energy efficient with extremely low heat, the new GroBar™ is ideal for a variety of horticultural applications. Wet-rated and available in two and four-foot lengths, the GroBar™ is the ideal choice for cultivation. Now available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K  for any stage of plant, from seed to flower! 

See amazing results with the innovative GroBar™!  Just one 4’ linear luminaire can replace two HO 54W T5 bulbs with better spectrum for your plants. Weighing in at only 19 ounces, the GroBar™ is so lightweight that it can be mounted directly to the ceiling, racks or mounted in groups of three with our brackets. A three-light kit has higher par levels and 60% less power usage than T5 fixtures that use six 54W HO bulbs. 

Try GroBar™ today, alone or in a variety of the kits available. 

Come GRO with us!

  • Lightweight Design: Low-profile, robust, polymer construction provides quick and easy installation of this high-output light source
  • Cost Effective: Costs 50% less per input watt than other LED grow linears/bars
  • Energy-Efficient: As much as 60% energy savings compared to fluorescent and HID lighting options
  • Mountable: Ships with flush mount hardware clips for fast, clean surface mounting. Optional brackets are available to create 3-light fixture. 
  • Flexibility: Easy to connect multiple fixtures on one circuit.
  • Custom Brackets: In-stock custom brackets available in multiple configurations.
The VividGro®GroBar™ comes with a 3 Year-Limited Warranty.
    Please call Customer Service for more details.

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